Quick Tips For Getting And Staying Organized

Seven Simple Things You Can Do Today!

Open Your Mail Daily
Make sure to have a recycle bin, paper shredder, and a letter opener nearby. Immediately recycle the junk mail, including unwanted catalogs. For safety, shred all credit applications, financial solicitations, and anything else with personal information on it.

Sort opened mail into one of three categories:
  • To Pay (Bills)
  • To File
  • Take Action
  • To Read (optional)
Schedule time during your week to pay your bills, to do your filing, and to take action on things that need your immediate attention. Containers used for categories can be labeled file folders placed in a desktop filing system, labeled horizontal trays placed in a convenient location, or labeled vertical trays hung on a wall. Use the system that works best for you!

2. Make Your Bed
Get in the habit of making your bed every morning. This small task will do wonders for making a room appear instantly neat and tidy. It will also bring a sense of calmness each time you walk into the room.

3. Designate A Place For Your Keys
Every time you walk through the door put your keys in their designated place. You will always know where to find them when you need them.

4. Complete The Cycle
Dirty your dishes... wash your dishes.
Change your clothes... put your clothes away.
Start a project... put the project away before starting another.
You get the idea. The key is to take action sooner rather than later!

5. One 'In' One 'Out'
Every time you purchase a new item, let go of an old item. i.e. Buy a new pair of shoes, get rid of an old pair of shoes you no longer wear. Buy a new t-shirt, get rid of an old t-shirt. Keep a donation box in your closet. When it's full, put it in your car and drop it off at your favorite local charity. Follow this rule and your possessions will never get out of control again!

6. Recycle Your Magazines
Recycle magazines that are more than 1 month old. If you haven't made time to read them yet, guess what? You never will. Before recycling, scan the table of contents. Tear out interesting articles you'd like to read and place them in a designated 'To Read' area. Single articles take up a lot less space than an entire magazine.

7. Prepare For Your Day The Night Before
Put everything you'll need for the next day near the door. i.e. Outgoing mail, purse, daily calendar, cell phone, gym bag, bottled water, take action items, etc. In addition, before going to bed at night, make your lunch, pick out your clothes for the next day, and set up the coffee maker for brewing in the morning. The more you prepare, the smoother your next day will be.

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