June 4, 2010

Storing Bath Towels

Looking for a new way to store your bath towels? Limited on storage space in your linen closet? Instead of folding your bath towels, try rolling them. Rolled towels will store nicely in a large basket next to your bathtub or on a shelf stacked in a pyramid shape. Displaying neatly rolled bath towels will give a nice relaxing spa feel to your bathroom. Ahhh!! Prefer to keep your towels hidden? Rolling your towels (as opposed to folding) will save space no matter where you choose to store them.


  1. The picture looks like small, thin towels. Mine are big and thick. How does rolling them take up less room?

  2. I think this article is obviously wrong. They just take up space differently. They take up less horizontal space and therefore it seems more consolidated. It's purely based on how you choose to store them which is a better fit for you.