5 Steps to Organizing a Desk Drawer

1. Take everything out of the drawer and sort by grouping similar items together (i.e. post-its, binder clips, rubber bands, etc.). Toss all trash and put things that go in other rooms aside for now.

2. Decide
which items will be going back into the drawer. I recommend keeping only items in the drawer that you use most often and relocate the rest.

3. Measure the drawer (Length, Width, Height).

4. Purchase drawer organizers (if you don't have some already). I recommend Good Grips Interlocking Bins by OXO. They're clear, lock together, and come in a variety of sizes for a custom fit.

5. Install the
drawer organizers and put items back into the drawer. The drawer organizers will keep everything in its place. Aaaah...Much better!

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