Top Ten Storage Uses for a 5.4 Qt. Clear Container

One of my favorite storage containers is this 5.4 Qt. clear plastic storage box by Iris. I love that it's stackable and portable and that you can easily see what's inside. It's originally designed for storing shoes, however, I've discovered it's great for storing a variety of other things, too.

Here's my Top Ten List:
1. Nail Polish & Manicure Accessories

2. Small Lotions
3. Makeup (& other beauty essentials)
4. Art Supplies
5. Small Toys
6. Travel Size Plastic Bottles
7. Office Supplies
8. Small Candles (i.e. Tea Lights)
9. Hair Accessories
10. Sewing Items

What else can be stored in this very useful container?


  1. Storage bins like this are great for storing anything you can think of. I have a few of them in the attic full of stuff I need to keep.

  2. Aren't they great? I absolutely love these boxes! I use many in my bathroom closet to keep everything organized. Thanks, Cody!