10-Minute Organizing Tasks

Don't have time to organize? Can't commit to a half or full day? Great news! There are many small areas or items in your home that can be organized in just 10 minutes (or less). Surely you can find 10 minutes in your day to take on one of the tasks listed below.

  1. Purse/Handbag - Take everything out that you don't need in there anymore (including trash) and put it all away.
  2. Behind Doors - Find new places to store what's behind doors (especially the main entrance). It's best to keep the area behind your doors clutter-free for proper opening and good energy flow.
  3. Sock Drawer - Find matches and toss any with holes or those who don't have mates.
  4. Bedside Table - Keep only essential items here (i.e. hand lotion, alarm clock, kleenex, journal, current book) and relocate the rest.
  5. Magazines - Tear out interesting articles or recipes from old magazines and recycle the rest or set aside for a friend.
  6. File Folders - Weed through as many as you can in the short amount of time that you have.
  7. CDs/DVDs - Put back in their cases and organize alphabetically or by genre.
  8. Medicine Cabinet - Properly dispose of expired medications and anything else you don't need anymore.
  9. Mail - Open and process the pile of mail on your countertop or desk.
  10. Junk Drawer - Toss all trash, sort like with like, and install a drawer organizer to find what you need fast.
What else can you organize in 10 minutes or less?


  1. Some good suggestions to get a start on organizing your house. Thanks for the ideas

  2. You're welcome, Cody! I'm glad you liked my tips.