Stay Organized when Traveling with Ziplocs

Traveling soon and need a way to pack your things in an organized way? Try using Ziploc bags. They're durable, they close securely, they're resealable, and they're clear so you can easily see what's inside the bag to find what you need fast (no more digging!). They're perfect for consolidating things like socks and under garments, makeup, belts, medications, and all of your toiletries and hair products. What I love most about using Ziplocs is the protection they provide if there happens to be a liquid explosion or leak. They're also great for corralling cords and accessories for your electronic devices. Gallon-size baggies work best for most items. Quart-size work well for smaller items like hair clips, jewelry, Q-tips and cotton balls. At the end of your trip, simply wash them out and store them in your travel bag to be used again the next time you travel.

How do you use Ziplocs to stay organized when traveling?

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