Take Charge of Desk Clutter

Are you tired of starting each day with a cluttered desk? A desk with piles of clutter is a huge distraction making it very difficult to get things done. It's time to take charge and to do something about it. Sweep everything into a box, do a quick sort, and only put back the essentials. Create homes for pens, important papers, To Do or Action items, office supplies, etc... everything needed to get you through the day. Make sure things you use frequently are within arms reach and all flat surfaces are clear with the exception of computer equipment and just a few other essential items. What to do with everything else? Get rid of it (recycle, shred, trash or donate) relocate it to another room if not office related, or (if office related) store it in your office further away from your desk (out of arms reach). Enjoy starting each day with a clear desk and a clear mind! How to keep it this way? Get in the habit of taking a few minutes at the end of each day to put things away.

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