Organizing Tips for Visual Learners

Are you a visual learner? Are you afraid that if something is stored out-of-sight you will forget about it because you can't see it? Rather than keeping your stuff out where it can easily get lost in the clutter, consider setting up organizing systems to suit your visual learning style.

Here are some great suggestions for you:
  • Install glass doors on your kitchen cupboards and/or pantry.
  • Use clear glass jars and containers so you can easily see what's inside.
  • Remove the doors on your closet and install a functional, attractive curtain that can either hide your stuff or be easily pushed to the side to expose it all.
  • Install hooks and racks for storing everyday supplies (i.e. knives, cooking utensils, pots & pans) in your kitchen.
  • Hang a valet hook near (or in) your closet to display your outfit for the next day.
  • Use open shelving in your garage (or other storage space) so you can easily see what supplies you have on hand.
  • Hang a cute rack system on the wall in your home office for corralling everyday office supplies. This gets them up off your desk where you can still see them.
  • Create a vertical desktop paper flow system for storing daily important papers you can't afford to lose.
  • Use a paper-based planner (rather than electronic) for recording your appointments, to-do's, and upcoming events.
  • Install open shelving in your living room for storing media (i.e. DVD's, CD's, video games, books & magazines).
  • Hang a large wall calendar in your kitchen for keeping track of family schedules (color-code it by using a different color for each family member).
Make your systems open, visually appealing, and functional all at the same time!

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