Organizing Your Clothes - Try This Test!

Did you know that most people wear only 20% of 
their clothing 80% of the time? That's a lot of time spent sifting through clothes you hardly wear when trying to choose an outfit for the day.To help you clear the clutter in your closet and discover what articles of clothing are that 20% for you, try this test. Every time you do laundry, hang your clothes at one end of the closet. After a couple of months have passed this will give you a pretty good idea of what you wear most. To get an even better assessment, carry out the test for one whole year (through the entire cycle of seasons).   

Another Option: Tag each hanger with a post-it flag. Each time you wear an article of clothing, remove the tag. At the end of one year you'll easily be able to tell what you've worn and what you haven't worn by whether or not it still has a tag.

Guidelines for Letting Go: After one year has passed, it's pretty safe to let go of what you haven't worn. Still unsure? Put unworn clothes into a box and date it 6 months from now. Store the box in the garage or attic. If you haven't missed what's inside after 6 months has passed, take it directly to your favorite charity without opening the box.

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