A "Cool" Storage Idea for Ice Cube Trays

Tired of unused marinara, pesto, or fettuccine sauce going bad in your refrigerator? Try storing it in ice cube trays! Ice cube trays are not just for ice anymore. For awhile I actually stopped making spaghetti because the extra marinara sauce always ended up going bad in my refrigerator before I could use it up. I only cook for two and the standard 32 oz. jar of spaghetti sauce was more than I needed. Storing and freezing the extra sauce in ice cube trays is the perfect solution! Now I can make spaghetti all the time without feeling guilty anymore about wasting sauce. And, you don't have to stop there... ice cube trays are also great for storing and freezing leftover coffee (for iced coffee), baby food, gravy, and so much more. Use ice cube trays with lids for food protection and greater stackability.

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