January 2, 2013

Plan To Organize in 2013

Welcome to a new year! Don't worry if you didn't get much organizing done last year. The start of a new year means a fresh start for all. This time instead of writing 'Get Organized' on your New Year's Resolution List, try and be more specific. 'Get Organized' alone is way too broad of a term and simply just thinking about it can bring up unpleasant feelings of dread and overwhelm. Rather than set yourself up for failure from the start, be more specific about what you'd like to get organized and then create small, attainable goals. Start with the easier stuff first. Maybe you'd like to finally clean out and organize the junk drawer that's been driving you crazy in the kitchen or maybe you'd like to tidy up the family medicine cabinet so you're more prepared the next time a family member is sick. If it's a larger project you have in mind like organizing the garage or organizing the master bedroom walk-in closet, break it down into smaller tasks and do a little bit in small chunks of time until it's done. Plan it out month by month (write it down!). What specifically are you going to tackle in January, February, March... and so on. Here's to a new year of successful organizing... Cheers!

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