Holiday Organizing Tips (Part 2)

Create a Gift Wrapping Station
Designate a gift wrapping area in your home for the holidays. It could be in a spare bedroom, at the kitchen table, or set up a small table in your home office. Have all of your supplies (scissors, tape, ribbon, bows, etc.) nearby and easily accessible in baskets or clear containers. Consider purchasing a portable gift wrapping organizer (there are many on the market) or store tubes of wrapping paper in a 5-gallon bucket or in an umbrella stand. Wrap as you shop. Make wrapping more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music, lighting some incense or candles, and sipping on some chamomile tea. After the holidays, continue to store your supplies in an easily accessible place to be used throughout the year.

Prepare for Overnight Guests

Minimize clutter in the guest bedroom. Clear space in the closet and provide a few empty hangers. Create a small toiletry basket full of all the essentials. Provide a bedside table, reading light, small alarm clock, and a stack of clean towels. These simple tasks are sure to make your guests feel welcome.

Schedule Time for Yourself

Take a break once in awhile from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and do something nice for yourself. Read a book you've been dying to get to, paint your toe nails, take a nap, play your guitar, go for a run or take a yoga class. Schedule it into your planner and keep the appointment with yourself. It's essential for maintaining a positive outlook, feeling refreshed, and for keeping your energy levels high to get you through the season.

Minimize Clutter before Decorating

Temporarily pack away some of the non-holiday things in your home that are on your coffee table, fireplace mantel, or end tables before decorating your home. Use the same boxes or containers your decorations are stored in (swap one thing out for another). This will make more room for you to enjoy your holiday decorations without feeling like you have too many things in your home.

Encourage the Spirit of Giving

Have your children go through their games and toys and give away what they no longer play with. Have a chat with them about the importance of giving to others. Find a charity to donate to that accepts childrens toys. Have your child drop off the toys with you. This will instill the spirit of giving as well as make more room for the new things they'll be receiving.

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