Always Organizing in the Press Democrat

Always Organizing is finally starting to get a little media attention. Exciting! Last month a writer for the Press Democrat, Meg McConahey, contacted me out of the blue. She was writing an article on Boxing Day and wanted to ask me a few questions about organizing. For those of you who don't know... Boxing Day is a holiday in the U.K., Australia, and Canada (to name a few) and is celebrated on December 26th (the day after Christmas). Traditionally it's a day when privileged people boxed up food and fruit and gave the boxes away to people who were less fortunate. Now, it's basically turned into another day for shopping where retail stores offer great deals on stuff and people return or exchange gifts received from Christmas.

The article talks about instead of shopping on Boxing Day, how about going through your home and boxing up whatever you don't use or need anymore (that's still in good condition) and donating it all to those in need. If you'd like to read more click on the following link: Press Democrat. Always Organizing is mentioned on Page 3, 2nd paragraph. Check it out!

PS: The man in the above photo is Richard Cole at Sacks on the Square in Santa Rosa, CA (taken by Mark Aronoff, Press Democrat).

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