Organizing Cords and Cables

Are your cords and cables behind your desk in a tangled mess? There are all kinds of products on the market for organizing cords these days. However, if you're not up for going that route, try organizing your cords with simple twist ties (found in most boxes of trash bags that you get at the grocery store). Don't have any? Small black zip ties will work, too.

Start by turning off your computer, printer, fax machine, scanner, and anything else that's plugged in. Pull your desk away from the wall and unplug and dust off everything. Untangle all the cords and figure out what goes to what. Label the cords using post-its cut into small strips (folded over like flags) positioning them down near the plugs.To make the labels a little more durable, laminate them with tape and cut off the excess. Plug the cords back in to their power strip and bundle up the really long ones with twist or zip ties, cutting off the excess. Make sure to leave enough slack for things like your mouse that move a lot. Finishing touch, wrap all the cords together with twist or zip ties secured at several places along their length.

This method will keep your cords contained and out of the way and your desk/work area will look a lot neater. Plus, you'll easily be able to tell with a quick glance which cord goes with what device. A simple thing that makes a big difference!

Do you have a favorite way to organize your cords and cables? If so, I'd love to know!

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