A Clever Way to Organize Your Flip Flops

Do you have lots of flip flops and seem to always be able to find just one, but not the other? Here's a really fun and clever way to organize your flips... the "My Pair Tree" flip flop holder. I recently purchased this at the Container Store to use in my own home and I absolutely love it and I know you will, too!

It holds up to 6 pairs of flips and it hangs right in your closet on a hook or hanger or it can even be displayed on the wall or behind a door. The strip comes in many colors to choose from and it's very reasonably priced. This is the perfect solution for your kids' flips, too! Don't have 6 pairs of flips? It can also be used for holding sandals, jewelry, scarves, and more! For more information visit

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this blog are used personally by Always Organizing and no payment is received to promote. I'm just happy to share products that I know work well for simplifying life. Enjoy!

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