Organizing Shopping/ATM Receipts

Looking for a fast and easy way to organize shopping and ATM receipts while on the go? Take a standard white envelope and cut off the flap. Place the envelope in your purse. After making a purchase always ask to be handed the receipt (never leave it in the bag!). Immediately slip the receipt into the envelope in your purse (writing notes on the receipt as needed). If feeling rushed at the check out counter, take the receipt in hand and slip it in the envelope first chance you get (even if it's in your car). Use the envelope for ATM receipts, as well.

Get in the habit of doing this and it'll make your life so much easier... no more frantically looking for a receipt you need. You'll know right where to look. Regularly reconcile your receipts with your bank and credit card statements. Toss all receipts with the exception of those needed for tax purposes, big purchase items, and items you may return at a later date. If you prefer something a little sturdier and nicer to look at, try using a small (one-pocket) wallet like the one shown in the photo above.

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