Best Buy Recycles Electronics

Did you know Best Buy recycles old electronic equipment? Yes, it's true! It doesn't matter where you bought it, they'll recycle it. How cool is that? They recycle TVs, DVD and MP3 players, cell phones, CDs, audio and video cables, computers, monitors, home stereos, car audio, fans, vacuum cleaners, and more. It's absolutely FREE in most states (with a few restrictions) and they allow you to drop off 3 items per household, per day.


  • They do not recycle hard drives. So if you're recycling a desktop or laptop computer, you must first remove the hard drive. You can do it yourself or they'll do it for you for a small fee of $9.99.
  • Some states charge a $10.00 fee for TVs and monitors, but they'll give you a $10.00 Best Buy gift card in exchange.
  • No microwaves or any items containing Freon (i.e. air conditioners, mini refrigerators)
So get out there and dispose of your electronics properly. Best Buy makes it easier than ever!

Do you know of any other places that recycle old electronics?


  1. Not sure where you are located but in Canada we now have electronic recycling places, normally right by transfer stations, compost places ect..

    Great post btw.

  2. I'm located in Northern California. We certainly could use more electronic recycling places here. It's nice to know you have them in Canada.