Five Top Moving Tips

May is National Moving Month. According to Bekins MyMovingNews, "almost 44 million people pack everything up and move to a new town or neighborhood each year in the United States." May kicks off the busy moving season that typically lasts through September. If you happen to be one of those 44 million people relocating this year, here are five top moving tips that are sure to make your move go a little smoother.
  1. Start Early. Eliminate much of the stress of moving by getting a head start. People often underestimate how long packing will take. They think they have less stuff than they actually do. Gather boxes and supplies, create a plan, and start packing at least one month before your actual move date.
  2. Purge, Purge, & Purge again. Only take to your new home the things you use, need, and love. Why waste time and money on moving the things you don't? Moving is a perfect time to do a thorough clean sweep of your belongings and donate items that no longer serve you.
  3. Create 'Open-Me-First Boxes'. You'll need one for the kitchen, the main bathroom, and for tools needed (i.e. hammer, screwdriver, tape measure) to help you get set up in your new home. It's also a good idea for each family member to pack a suitcase as if they're going on a 3-day vacation. Include clothing, shoes, medications, and any other essential items needed.
  4. Pack Like with Like. It will be much easier to unpack when similar items are packed together. Start in one room first, before moving onto the next room. This will help you stay focused and organized.
  5. Label. Label each box with the room it came from and the major contents inside. Use a big black sharpie (for easy readability) and label on 2 opposite sides.


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  2. Thanks! I'm glad you found my moving tips helpful.