Hair Dryer Storage Solutions

In need of a great solution for storing your hair dryer? They're big, bulky, and hot (after using) which can make storing them often a challenge. One option is to store your hair dryer (and hair products) in a large, attractive basket in a bathroom cabinet or closet (if you're lucky enough to have one of these inside your bathroom- like I do!). The basket can easily be moved to the bathroom counter when needed. If you don't have a counter, setting the basket on the toilet (as you're getting ready for your day) will work, too. When putting the hair dryer back in the basket make sure to put the hot end up to cool. Also, hair dryers with retractable cords are best. Don't have one? Roll up the cord and secure it with a large twist-tie. This will help keep that pesky cord out of the way.

Limited on space and don't have room for a basket? Try mounting your hair dryer to the wall or inside a cabinet door. There are many on the market to choose from. One of my favorites is the Satin Nickel Wall Mount Holder. This works great for keeping clutter off the counter. Don't mind having your hair dryer on the counter, but still want it contained? Check out the Capelli Countertop Organizer by Umbra. It has compartments for storing other hair accessories, too (a nice bonus!).

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