Organizing Your Pet Supplies

Do you have pets? Then you probably know that pets have stuff, too! Looking for ways to keep all their stuff organized? Here are a few things you can do.
  • Hang leashes, harnesses, and collars on hooks near the door. Tie a plastic bag to each leash to always have one handy when you need it.
  • Make room in your entryway closet for a pet box for storing things that are used less often (i.e. doggie sweaters, extra plastic bags, extra leashes and collars).
  • Store dry food in an air-tight plastic container with a lid. Keep a measuring cup or scooper nearby for easy distribution. If you like to purchase huge bags of food to save money, store those bags in a large heavy-duty container and consider using a smaller container for daily use (they're much easier to manage). Keep the daily food container close to the food dishes.
  • Treats can be kept in an easy to reach cabinet in the kitchen or in a glass container on the counter. Empty food jars work great for storing treats. Label the jars with your pet's name for a nice touch.
  • Store toys in a basket or bin in a convenient place in your home. Medications can be stored in a container in the kitchen cabinet (kept up high from little ones). Grooming supplies can be stored in the garage, under a sink, or in a cabinet. Wherever works best for you.
How do you keep your pet supplies organized?

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