Recycle Christmas Light Strands

Do you have strands of Christmas lights that are old and faded, broken, burnt out, or you just don't want them anymore? Before throwing them in the trash only to end up in landfills, why not consider recycling them? Christmas lights are 100% recyclable!

How are they recycled? According to an article from, "
When your lights are received in a recycling center, they are sorted. The loose bulbs and other unrecylcable materials are discarded. The sorted light strings are then sent through a shredder which chops the lights, wires and plastic into very small pieces. They are then separated by the various elements that make up the lights, such as copper, glass and plastic. These materials are then shipped out for further processing and turned into new items."

There are many mail-in programs that will recycle your lights for you. Most provide a 10% or 25% discount on the purchase of new lights and some give the recycling proceeds to Toys for Tots or other charities.

Here are some of my favorites:

5 Star Holiday Decor Light Recycling Program (
Christmas Light Source Recycling Program (

Holiday Christmas Light Recycling Program (

How do you recycle your Christmas lights?

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